Under Pressure.


I am attempting to complete my FINAL paper of my nursing undergrad. To say the least it is brutal. Not the content, the length or the thought process. Rather, the simple act of motivating myself to put words together to form sentences. The task should be easy: a personal reflection of sorts supported by some research. After four years of writing papers without my own story and thoughts though, the idea of being able to write my own story without referencing who said it first is strange. I am seven pages in. Just a couple more to go. I can do this. I can.

As a reward to myself for focusing more today than I did yesterday I am going to blog about my adventure. First however, I need to reassure some people (AKA my Mother and Nana): I am fine. I promise. Just a bit sore. No broken bones. I will be returning home in one piece. Promise.

So here’s my adventure: KICK SLEDDING!

Here is a kick sled.

You basically hold onto the bar part (covered by the coat) and push yourself along with one leg (“kick”) while your other foot is on the sled part. It’s amazingly fun for such a simple contraption.

 Our destination for today’s adventure was The Pressure Ridge. This spot is where the large part of the lake meets the smaller inlet of the bay. (By smaller I mean it is still massive). As a result of the force of freezing ice and moving ice part the ice sort of acts like tectonic plates. The ice shifts and pushes up at this particular spot where it is weakest. It makes for some incredible photographs and amazing colours. We took a TON of pictures and they will do a better job of depicting the scene than I could ever write. So here goes:

Just the beginning of the ‘Ridge
Pressure Ridge

Of course every good adventure can only be improved with a spot of tea. This is perhaps the most interesting spot I have ever drank tea at. And I have drank a LOT of tea in my day. Just ask my husband. I’m Scottish after all. Also, I have an inkling that green tea can improve, if not cure, all ailments. Try it.

Then we climbed onto the Ridge for some pics.

After more kick-sledding (we were out for about three hours) we stopped for a picnic. And by picnic I mean gourmet lunch on a rock. So cool.

So that’s melted Brie with apricot marmalade, herbed goat cheese, roasted whole garlic cloves, salmon, gluten-free crackers, chicken, homemade dehydrated grapes (not quite raisins, so much better), nutella and of course, TEA!

Such an amazing experience. I was very appreciative for the opportunity to take in the Pressure Ridge. Something many locals haven’t even done. It was a long and hard kick sled but I am so glad I did it.

Today I took it easy and worked on my paper and then went for a cross-country ski on the lake around an island. Very neat. I am thinking I need to obtain some used cross-country skis.

For now though, it is back to my essay. Unfortunately my life as a student isn’t over quite yet. But very soon.


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  1. The food sounds delish, the Kick Sledding looked amazing, and the dog that accompanied you was very cute! You will do a GREAT job on your final paper- and really rejoice when the whole thing is printed, stapled, and ready to be passed in to your professor (or emailed over, if that’s what you kids are doing these days :D) Excited to see you! Only a few more sleeps. xoxo

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