Too Old for This…


I am sore. It pains me right now to stretch out my arms to my keyboard to type this message to you all. Shoulder checking to the left at this point in time is completely out of the question. As is walking without feeling the need to stretch my lower back/upper back/whole body. I can just feel your pity seeping across the internet connection. Why, am I such an invalid you may ask? Well, let me tell you…

Today I ventured out to take on a common hike for visitors to this part of the North. I was told I just HAD to do to it and COULDN’T leave town without doing it. So off I went to Cameron Falls for a short few hour hike. I emailed my dear husband before we left and told him I would email him when I got back to tell him all about. I also told him it was a short hike and we would be back in a couple of hours. Six hours later he sent a few concerned emails before I got back to him.

We started the hike by stopping at a local bakery for some munchies. Of course while my fellow hiker was ordering a delicious looking sandwich I was perusing the vast (read almost non-existent) gluten free selection. Luckily there were two GF granola bars. Mmm cranberry and almonds. Off we went on our adventure out of town listening to some great iPod tunes and taking in the warm spring air.

The hike up to the falls was a little slick due to the melting of the top part of the snow during the day and freezing overnight. We managed to make it to the Falls with not much hassle. Unfortunately they were covered in snow so it pretty much looked like a hill of snow. There were some parts that were starting to open up though and the hike itself was really nice.


We decided to venture over to a bridge that crossed the river to see how things looked from the other side. Ever graceful as I am I completely wiped out on the stairs down and managed to break my fall with the back of my head, my left wrist and my upper back. Awesome. As I slowly got up and brushed off the snow I couldn’t help but think how sore I would feel tomorrow. Little did I know the abuse my body was still to take.

After making it back to the vehicle from the hike to the Falls we decided to drive a bit further up the road to see a smaller waterfall that opens into a small lake area. We pulled into the narrow road and parked. After peaking at the scenery and snapping a picture:


We headed back to the vehicle to head home.

That is when we got stuck.

We tried rocking it back and forth (a challenge in a standard).

I got out and pushed.

I pushed really hard.

We didn’t budge.

We tried to put the floor mats under the wheels.

It didn’t work.



We hauled grocery bags of gravel from the road to the vehicle to put under the wheels. We made quite a bit of progress until we reached a huge hump in the snow that the vehicle sunk into. After almost two hours of pushing we figured we were in need of help. Knowing the road we were on wasn’t very well travelled we attempted to get some cell service to no avail. Trying to gain some service we ventured to the road and hoped someone would come by. Not even 45 seconds later a truck drove up. Two guys chuckled at our predicament and seemed to disapprove of how far we had driven into the road, but nonetheless agreed to help. Within 3 minutes we were freeeeeee! All we needed was a bit more muscle and we pushed the vehicle over the snow hump to more packed snow. Hallelujah! As soon as the vehicle started to move backwards I was gloriously happy that we were free and also making a mental note to improve my strength training (you never know when this could happen again, afterall).

So there you go. 1 horrific fall + 2 hours of pushing a vehicle in the snow = one very sore Triona. I will update you tomorrow if I am not too sore to type. Wish me luck!


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