My Parents’ Good Luck


Today I received a VERY unexpected email that made me smile:

Hi Triona look at me all high tech. 


This was my reply to this shocking email:

Whoa. This doesn’t seem real. Is this like one of those phone scams where the bad guys pretend to be your family and ask for money? Haha. Well done Dad. Remember you don’t need to push so hard on the keyboard keys. It’s not a typewriter.

Love you!

You can never be too careful with those scams these days.

So proud of you Dad! Welcome to the world of email. No more getting Mum to send emails for you. I expect a timely reply by the way.

SO. Remember back a few posts ago when I told you that Ma and Pa are lucky and were so lucky on their trip up here? Here’s why:

Down in Old Town is a hill with a monument on top. It’s called the Pilot’s Monument and is dedicated to all the pilots that helped shaped the territory by flying for surveying, prospecting, bringing in supplies, moving people around and generally opening up the North. From there you can see the entire Old Town and down onto the frozen lake. Apparently there is also a light that lights up when planes land in summer so boaters know to get out of the way. This system seems slightly flawed to me, but I suppose I would have to see it in summer to give it a fair chance.

 We headed up the hill to the mountain expecting to get some good picture of the houseboats and Old Town. We climbed the stairs and were greeted by a rather chilly wind that made us all put up our hoods as we gazed out at the magnificent view.


Then, we heard a ruckus down below as a plane’s engines were getting revved up. We were able to watch it taxi out to the ice runway and take off! So neat to see!


Then, just after the plane took off two foxes trotted along below us – one red and one black with a white tip on its tail. We were able to watch them for quite some time chasing one another around.


After the monument surprises we headed over to the legislative building. We were able to look around at the symbols of the territory and learn some more about its history. Here is what the chambers look like.

Yes. That is a polar bear.

Of course Dad made another friend. This time it was the security guard! He was a wonderful older gentleman that had some great stories to tell. He may or may not have given us a not so little extra tour, but you’ll have to talk to one of us in person to hear all about it. Lets just say it was unreal and I was especially grateful that I was able to take part in Ma and Pa’s good fortune!

My time here in the North is coming to an end quite quickly. In just over a week I will be back in the South and back with my dear husband. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to come up here and can’t believe how much I have learned – both in the hospital and out! I’m really hoping I can make the most of my last week here.


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  1. Hi triona, your working stay in the cold north has been a truly amazing period, The blogs you have sent about the life style and wonderful scenery have had me in awe. I knew that Niall and Lorna would be totally in their element in surroundings like that, Niall always wanted to be a crofter in the wilds of Scotland, this is where he gets the frontiersman from. Anyway you will be glad to get back for some house wifely type things, Lots of love from Colin & Barbara

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