Northern Style Shopping


There’s this famous store in town. It’s located down in “old town” and has been here for decades. It’s quite the experience to behold.

For those who live by my parents or have been around there I will describe it as similar to the Caroline store, but double the size and triple the randomness and insanity. For those who don’t know the Caroline store is a place on the way out to the bush/mountains/hunting area that contains all you need for a weekend in the boonies. We’re talking food supplies from candy to sliced meat, to camping gear like chairs and stoves to hunting gear like duck caller doo-hickeys and hip-waders. Half the fun of the store is that everything is sort of mashed together. You start off strolling the snack aisle and end up in the camping section that ends in the gun rack. Actually now that I think of it the gun rack might stretch the entire length of the store. Regardless, anytime my family seems to be passing through Caroline we HAVE to stop at the store. It’s not even discussed prior to setting off, everyone just knows that the drive will include a stop at the store. Every time we go Mum and I discover something even more redneck and absurd in the store. My brothers and Dad always seem to find some great hunting/shooting apparatus that is just amazing. All in all the entire family is entertained.

Side note: Caroline is also home to the figure skater Kurt Browning. It is also the location of where I spilt an entire cream soda slushie on my shirt on the way to a Girl Guide camping trip in the mountains. Just thought you should know.

Anywho, back to the store in town. A couple of people had mentioned it to us when my parents got here and of course I knew it would be a hit with Dad the moment anyone explained it to us so off we went for a browse. Words cannot explain this store. I think we could have spent hours marveling over the treasures and random items located on the shelves.

Here is the first item I found.


I’m not sure why you need a pot specifically for beans, but if you do let me know and I will run down and pick one up for you.

Did you know you can get camouflaged snowshoes? Well you can. And in blue nonetheless.

This shot speaks to the randomness of the store. Looking for axes? Oh those are right next to the canned tomatoes. Obviously. Where else would you put an entire rack of axes?

A not so huge selection of fruit and veg.

Right down the aisle from the $9(!) box of Cheerios. PS. Milk was $5 for a 2 L.

At the end of the cereal/fruit and veg/cleaning supply aisle was this jackpot of goods. Yikes.

Upstairs though was a real gold mine! Rows and rows of parkas and mitts and toques and fur things and thermals. It was so fun to just browse the aisles. Mother tried to get me to buy some rabbit fur ear muffs that were dyed a horrific shade of purple but I just couldn’t do it.

Truly a unique store. I just realized there is cheez whiz in the veg/fuit cooler. That stuff doesn’t even need remote refrigeration so I’m not sure why it’s in there. Perhaps trying to pass it off as real cheese? Blech.

Got to see some ultrasounds today. Amazing imagery again. Felt a baby kick against my hand as I was trying to place the monitor on the mother’s belly. Apparently the little guy/gal didn’t like what I was doing!

Tomorrow I’m back in labour and delivery. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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