Something’s Fishy

Something’s Fishy

Another exciting part of Ma and Pa’s adventure was our supper at Bullock’s. Apparently this is a world famous joint serving up glorious fish and chips. I’m not sure what they meant by world famous, but it was indeed great food. Add in some interesting visual aspects of the restaurant and the great atmosphere and you have a great night had by all. I was not convinced that they would have anything gluten-free (apparently I am becoming a gluten skeptic) but lo and behold they did!

I was never really a huge fish fan growing up but I am really enjoying all the fish we eat up here. It’s delicious! The salad dressing was a feta cheese-herby thing that tasted amazing. I wasn’t convinved the fries were fried in oil not contaminated by gluten so Dad did the chivalrous thing and ate them for me (like I had to convince him!).

Inside the restaurant there are stickers, business cards, badges and other paraphernalia EVERYWHERE! And by everywhere I mean roof, cooler, bathroom, tables, picture frames, you name it – it had something stuck on it.

After our delicious meal I of course had to partake in the grafitti decorating of the restaurant…

Here’s my masterpiece:

Yay for Blog shout outs!

Another weird/strange thing was that half of the other patrons were from southern Alberta. We saw them all again at the airport on Sunday. Small world.

Anywho, I’m off. I am observing ultrasounds tomorrow. I have already seen one and was amazed at all that you can see: ventricles in the brain, kidneys, stomach, chambers of the heart, femur length, face, fingers, lots!


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  1. I think I can try to master the Feta Cheese-Herby thingy dressing, for summer salads, on my porch. 😀 Glad you liked the fish. My personal favorite was the Road Kill Cafe sign. Classic.

  2. Hey Triona: Have totally enjoyed reading about your northern adventures. Looking forward to getting together with you and Derek when you get back to Lloydminster. See you next month – enjoy the rest of your time in the beautiful North.

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