Snow King and Ice Castle


I just finished ANOTHER set of nights. I am in that hazy period trying to switch back to a normal routine. I was feeling pretty good up until about 20 minutes ago. Please forgive me for any poor spelling or grammar. They say it’s like you’re drunk when you get off a night shift. Your decision making and reaction time is extremely wonky. All I can think about on my way home from a night shift is how glorious my bed is going to feel. (I wonder if that is what addicts feel like between hits? Feel free to do your own research and report back). When I finally get to crawl under the covers I am so elated for about 2.5 seconds before I nod off into a coma-like sleep.


Mum and Dad were up for a visit this past weekend. I swear they were more excited about visiting up here than I was about coming. While I was stressing about whether or not to pack scrubs and what to do with a woman in rip-roarin’ labour my parents were googling the town and interesting facts. Dad was so excited he overcame his extreme detest for the computer and the internet and looked up flights so he could plan his trip immediately. Needless to say they were ready to explore the North! They arrived to a balmy minus 10 degree day with beautiful sunshine – a drastic change to my dear hubby’s earlier visit – Mum and Dad are like that though, horseshoes up their butts (this will also come into play later in the story).


Mum, as always, produced some great photos from their visit and I want to share as many as I can with you so I’ll probably have to split them up into more than one blog post. But let’s begin with one part of their visit: Ice Castle. Every year the “Snow King” (for real) and his crew create a castle out of snow and ice. They begin when the ice is still thin to create see-through windows and work all Winter up to March-ish. Then they open the snow castle to the public and a crazy amount of various events occur at the snow castle.

Here it is…

That’s the Snow King’s houseboat to the right. Tough commute to work.

Here’s some close-ups…

And of course, here is Dad making friends with the Snow King and learning about how it’s made. Apparently it involved a snowblower and some wood planks and such. Ask Dad for more details.

Later in the weekend they held an art show entitled “Iceolation” inside the castle and we got to take a gander at the inside:

Pretty neat hey? I would like to post more tonight but I am just pooped right out.

G’Night All!


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  1. This looks SO AMAZING! Wow. Very intricate and interesting details inside the Snow Castle. Great work, Snow King!

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