An Adventure in Creativity.


It is snowing today. The big fluffy white stuff that in December makes you feel warm and fuzzy and ready for Christmas but in March makes you irritated because you just shovelled snow for the 500th time and you wish it was spring. However, snow means it is getting warmer. It was only minus 7 today!


It’s time to post about my dear husband and I’s adventure in creativity and recycling glass. I do not use the word adventure lightly in this sense. ‘Twas indeed quite the adventure. The plan was to recycle old glass into something beautiful and perhaps useful. I think I described it to my Honey something like this: “Let’s make something really cool so we can put it in our house and say – ‘Oh that old thing? We made that on our little jaunt to the North’”. I’m not sure if he wholeheartedly agreed that this would be an awesome idea or just wanted to go someplace warm. Nonetheless we began the glass recycling adventure.

I really like the idea of recycling things into something more useful or prettier. As a child  I was always trying to create something cool out of cereal boxes and toilet roll tubes. I think watching Blue Peter and their ‘sticky-back plastic’ (Canadians read: Tape) creations sparked a fire of interest in this hobby. (Anyone who is unaware of what Blue Peter is should google it right now. Also, if someone from Blue Peter happens to be reading this I would be a really REALLY great candidate for a badge. Just sayin’.).

Anywho, although as a child I had the creativity spark, it never really resulted in anything spectacular. My mother went along with it and kept me well supplied with glue, sparkles, and other Crayola supplies but was constantly aggravated by the chitlings (Canadians read: little bits of cut up paper and cardboard) I left behind me.

My unproductive creativity in combination with my legendary impatience when it comes to crafting made me slightly nervous prior to beginning the glass adventure, but I chose to think positively.

So here it is: A tutorial in making cool things out of glass.

Step #1: Choose old glass to recycle. Imagine the possibilities!

Mine is the one on the right. Hubby’s is the left. This will be important to note later in the story.

Step #2: Decide what to make and cute to size.

They scratch around the oustide of the glass and then use this black little hammer thing to break the glass. Neat-o.

Step #2a: If you choose a weirdly-shaped glass in step 1 it must be cut using a horrific looking saw. This may cause it to smash and break. Go back to step 1 and choose again.

Step #3: smooth the newly-cut edge of the glass.

This beast is a 1950’s Hoover washing machine. Somehow it is rigged with water and things to smooth the edge of the glass. Like this…

Part two of smoothing the edges looks like this…

Step #3a: If you choose a strangely shaped glass AGAIN, it may fly off this spinning thing in the picture above at this point. Go back and choose another glass.

Tough luck. Choosing glass #3.

Step #4: Scrape off all the sticky gunk from the label.

Step #5: Stick on your chosen template.


Dad, after doing this we both thought it would be awesome for you to get a sandblasting machine. After more thought we agreed its probably one of those things that gets old fast. So we’re just sticking with the duck hunting for now. Thanks!

Step #7: Remove stickers


Step #8: Wash off the remaining glue in this contraption…

The black thing on the floor is an aquarium filter to filter the water and the white thing on top heats the water – its the warmer part of an old coffee maker. Adventure!

Step #9: Engrave the bottom.

Step #10: Admire your creativity.

They are MUCH better in person. I promise. Mine has inukshuks (of which there are NONE in town) and Derek’s is a bear and a wolf (of which there are NONE in town). Mine has Northern lights though which there are lots of.


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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see your Inukshuk glass vase/mug/pencil cup/whatever you want to use it for, when you get home. And Derek did a bear and a wolf. No surprises there. 😀

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